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After Henan's Jianye striker Kalanga turned out of ICU, INS released the new trend for the first time.
Browse: Time:2018-11-03
Brazilian centre-forward Kalanga, who has just been introduced from Bulgarian League this summer, has experienced a period of suspension, but the overall performance of the Chinese Super League in the second half is satisfactory, which has increased great confidence for Henan Jianye's relegation journey.
In the last round of home and Beijing Guoan battle after serious injuries, Kalanga timely surgery, fortunately there is no danger, but the recovery is still concerned about the hearts of fans. Recently, Kalanga uploaded a video on his personal social networking platform, which also let fans concerned about him see his latest situation.
In the video, you can see that Kalanga is still lying in bed surrounded by various electronic medical devices, but it's a little reassuring that although he looks very tired, he may not want to worry about his son, but still strong spirit and interactive play with his son, and Fernando is happy, too. Kalanga made a smile.
Kalanga is only 27 years old this year. It is the peak time for a football player. This serious injury basically declared the reimbursement of this season's Super League season. Whether the removal of his spleen will affect his career in the future is still uncertain. However, he still helps Henan Jianjian in the case of life-threatening spleen rupture. The industry scored three points on the road of relegation, and his spirit of struggle will always be remembered by Jianye fans.

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